Subject Re: Why my messages take 212-24 hours to appear?
Author csswa
Yikes! No lag at all with these posts. I will be curious to see if
the lag continues from my home dialup.

Andrew Ferguson

--- In ib-support@y..., "csswa" <csswa@y...> wrote:
> I have also noticed this problem over the past few days. Mine
> take days, but they do take an hour or so whereas previously they
> appeared immediately or at the most after a few minutes. I always
> use IE for accessing the group.
> Let's see if this post makes a liar out of me. Mind you, I'm at
> now and I mostly noticed the lag from home.
> Regards,
> Andrew Ferguson
> --- In ib-support@y..., "mmenaz" <mmenaz@l...> wrote:
> > Hi, I've posted in this and other lists often in the past, using
> the Web interface (i.e.
> support/post).
> > Usually the message posted was displayed in the list after 1-5
> minutes.
> > Some day ago I've noticed a BIG slow delivery of the messages,
> often I double posted fearing that the first message was lost.
> > Taking 1 or 2 day to appear, make it very difficoult to use.
> > Am I the only one with this problem?
> > Has something changed at Yahooo?
> > Thanks in advance... hoping that this message will be delivered,
> sooner or later...
> > Marco Menardi