Subject Re: [ib-support] Connect to Firebird from Windows
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Martyn,

Martyn Shiner wrote:
> Frank
> Thanks for your previous post.
> OK - so I have firebird 6 on my linux and windoze PCs. Using IBaccess I can
> now "see" the server from the windoze pc. Also if I telnet from windoze to
> linux and do netstat -an | grep 3050
> I get this :
> tcp 0 0* LISTEN
> tcp 0 0
> >From this I conclude that the server on linux is up an listening and I can
> connect.... BUT I still can't open up the employee database in the examples
> directory on the linux server. All I get is a message saying IBaccess is
> unable to complete the network request to host and there is an error reading
> data from the connection.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

this is a network problem rather than a Firebird one... and i'm afraid
i'm not really good at this :( i've seen similar errors in production when
the net went down (mostly W95 clients) - maybe you could check:

- is the dns set up right? (usually if you can ping the server (and the
FB server is really started) it works)
- do you have "gds_db 3050/tcp" in your SERVICES file?
- do you have the right connect string? (SERVERNAME:LOCALPATH for TCP)
- can you connect with other tools (WISQL, IB_SQL...)?
- if no luck, could you give more details (Win OS, full connect string..)
and then...
- could someone with more knowledge about networks pls jump in :-) ??

> Regards
> Martyn


P.S.: where did you get Firebird 6 from? i'm still awaiting FB 2 ;-)

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