Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Interbase Security
Author GreatDayDan
Good Morning!

If I understand you correctly, then try something
like this:

In your app's main form create, have it check the
Server Name like so:

ServName := Copy(dbConnection.Params.Values['Server
Name'], 1, Pos(':', dbConnection.Params.Values['Server
Name']) -1);

This is assuming you use the TCP/IP connection
style (i.e. SERVER NAME=Dan:H:\Caesar\CaesarData.gdb)

This will return "Dan" in ServName.

Compare ServeName to the server name you are
expecting. If not the right one, then ... kapowie!
throw the bum out! Or maybe you will want to be nice
about it.


--- Diego Gomez <diego.gomez@...> wrote:
> Maybe im asking a confusing question.
> Here's an example :
> I make two databases, with the same estructure, the
> same size, the same users and passwords,
> everything. And i put different alias to each one of
> them. Then i connect an application that i developed
> in Delphi with one of the databases. Next, i finish
> the application, and i try to connect it with the
> other Database, just by "Switching" the Aliases. My
> application doesnt know wich application is it
> connected and it works exactly the same. I dont
> want this to happen. How can my application notice
> when it is working with another Database?
> I hope to make myself a little bit clear, because my
> english is very bad, im sorry.
> Best Regards.
> Diego Alejandro Gomez
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> removed]

Every day is a Great day, but
some days are GREATER than others!

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