Subject Re: [ib-support] Performance Large Query / Procedure
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
I'm just answering since I didn't see any replies to your question.

Previously (I don't know the current state), IB did a lousy job at
balancing the load if run on a Windows box with dual processors - so bad
that performance was considerably worse on a box with two processors than
on machines with only one processor. To avoid this one had to run a program
called ibaffinity which made ib use only one processor. I don't know if
this is your problem, but it is worth checking.

My experience with IB is that it normally doesn't stop responding if one
person executes a demanding query. However, if two demanding queries are
executed at the same time (or the same query executed twice), I've
experienced lots of complaints from others using IB.

The multiple processors problem is a Windows problem, indexes would be a
design problem (not only should you make sure enough indexes are used, but
also that not too many indexes are used), but under heavy use I think it is
fair to say that IB has a problem as well (I would prefer if it had reduced
the priority of demanding tasks and let people doing a simple select or
insert get on with their work).