Subject Re: [ib-support] where FIELD1 LIKE '%ç'
Author Daniel Rail
At 08/04/2002 02:17 PM, you wrote:
>Help me with this problem
>create table table1 ( field1 varchar(20));
>select * from table1 where field1 like 'ç%'
>it crash the database
>with the charater set UNICODE_FSS the people said that with anothers it
>dosen't occur, but I need with the UNICODE.

Hi Vinicius,

Just to let you know that since there didn't seem to have much interest in
this problem. I've decided to log it in the Firebird bug tracker to see if
it doesn't spark any interest, I've logged it in with your original posting
and my findings. At least, it's documented somewhere and wouldn't be lost
amongst all the e-mails in the IB-Support group. If I would have the tools
and time to look into this problem, I would've done it.

Have a nice day.

Daniel Rail
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