Subject Re: [ib-support] Could somebody pleeease help me??
Author Woody
From: "Diego Gomez" <diego.gomez@...>
> how can i know if an user uses only one database, and doesnt make another
> database with the same username, password and server name, and uses both
> them in the same application?
> I would like to know how to recognize a database (instance) as the one an
> only the user can make, the only one than my application recognizes.
> By the way , my application is in Delphi 4, and im using interbase 5 for
> the Database.

There are several things you could try, but you can't really guard against
this for experienced users who know how to work with IB/FB directly. You
could try adding a special table with an encrypted key in a field and test
for this. Almost anything you do can be duplicated, though, by just backing
up and restoring the database to a different name, then modifying it.

Woody (TMW)