Subject Re: Error in converted database
Author csswa
To confirm Helen's suggestion about table-name case, simply get a
list of table names with ISQL:


connect "c:\some path\some db.gdb" user sysdba password masterke;
show table;

if they are all listed in uppercase then you don't have a case
conflict when you are trying to work with them. Otherwise, note the
capitalization of the names and try your sql commands again.

Andrew Ferguson

--- In ib-support@y..., "sanjayamatya" <sanjayamatya@y...> wrote:
> A simple database got converted to gdb fine. But could access only
> one of the tables using commaand "select * from tblAAA". While
> to execute this command for other tables produced following error:
> Dynamic SQL Error
> - SQL Error code = -204
> - Table Unknown
> - tblAAA
> - At line 1, column 15
> Ideas?