Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: mass deletion
Author Woody
From: "Nataraj S Narayanan" <nataraj@...>
> Hi Woody
> Is this a select procedure ?

Neither one, your version nor mine.
My version only deletes the records matching the passed bill_id parameter.
In an earlier post, I put a procedure which uses the beginning and ending
dates as the parameters.

> I gave the command 'Execute Procedure Removal'.

This is right for your procedure.

> Any other trick to try out. My customer is breathing on my neck.

What programming language are you using and what components? If you are
using Delphi, I could work up a simple demonstration procedure and a script
to create the IB procedure in the database for it to call. That would give
you something to test. Email me if you are interested, that way it won't
take up more list space.

Woody (TMW)