Subject Re: [ib-support] OT: Group ettiquette ... Threads
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
<lester@...> wrote in message news:3CB3EE4A.CB9E87D@......
> VirtualTreeView which has a yahoo group has moved to
> virtualtreeview@... because of the yahoo problems.
> Not much traffic yet, so I can't say that the problem is
> better, but so far everthing looks great.
> Time for a move Helen? I think it's worth a look.

Lester, Lester, how many seconds does a worm last in the turkey's beak?

In the paradise, both egroups and elists were free. But they offered more
than they could handle and they had to merge.
Months after, the original sin (aka Yahoo) bought the joined companies and
started changing policies. It was no longer possible to pay a fee for
avoiding ads in the messages. You either eat their spam or you don't have
free lists, period.

Now you are suggesting They have been spamming the world
about their service. How much will it last before Terra-Lycos or Yahoo
itself buys them? What's the fine print? Do you bet on their survival?

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