Subject Re: [ib-support] decimal / numeric
Author Paul Schmidt
On 9 Apr 2002 at 16:05, Peter Faulks wrote:

> G'day
> Are there any differences at all between a decimal and numeric type?
> The langref.pdf (page 19) describes them identically but separately. I
> would have thought that if they were the same then it would make more
> sense to say 'same as decimal' for the numeric type. (or 'same as
> numeric' for the the decimal type).
> Anybody know a good (free?) c++ class library that handles fixed scale
> decimal types?

IBPP is probably the best free C++ library, it should handle those types in the
database okay, the problem is that C++ itself doesn't, there is no fixed decimal type
in C++, so it either gets scaled to an integer of some kind or gets converted to a
double. This is not to say someone could not write a fixed decimal class, and then
modify an existing library (like IBPP) to work with that class.


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