Subject Re: shutdown
Author csswa
oops, didn't read properly, sorry Simon. NET STOP will only work for
running as service.

If you are not doing it programmatically the way Claudio suggested
then you can always grab a free scripting tool like AUTOIT or even do your own script in
windows scripting host (WSH) -- anything that can manipulate windows
via titles/handles. Actually I'm not sure if WSH can address windows
via their titles so maybe go straight to auto-it.

Andrew Ferguson

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> > Hi
> >
> > Is there any way to shutdown ibguard and/or ibserver running as an
> > application from the command line, rather than the icon ?
> Be sure they aren't running as a service, then
> - Use FindWindow to locate the window class IB_Guard, then send a
> to it.
> - If not found, try the same with the window class IB_Server, in
this order.
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