Subject Re: [ib-support] backup problem
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
> The Delphi /IB 4 /Bde Medical App that I am 'hacking out' for sometime, is
> giving a peculiar problem.
> The program makes a backup of the Medical.gdb when run for the first time
> any day. It creates a text file writing the backup date in a folder
> called 'Previous' under 'c:\Neethims\data' folder. I think it checks this
> date stored in the text file and compares with the system date each time
> when loaded. Hence backup occurs only at the change of date.
> I am now using the software on a networked second machine with the Bde
> alias set as 'MachineOne:c:\neethims\data\medical.gdb' . The problem is
> that the backup is done in this machine too at the first time loading of
> the program.
OK, so Machine1 is acting as a server and a client.

The software on machine2 is looking in c:\neethims\....., well this will be
local machine 2 surely, unless it looks in:

for the text file, each machine will look to itself for the backup file,
i.e. they will all backup the database on execution.

BTW I wouldn't be doing backups this way, why not schedule them for out of
hours, on exit.... Are you removing the backup from the machine?