Subject RE: [ib-support] RE: Problem on editing record " Record Changed by another User"
Author Bituin Bautista
its not hapenning on all records, only on some records.


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>Hi everyone,
>I'm using Delphi5/Midas/Interbase 5.6/Windows 2000. When I edit a record
>in marathon i can save the changes whithout any error but when i edit that
>record on our system, I got an error on the TClientdataset applyupdates
>method, the appserver returns this error "Record Changed by another User"
>even though i'm the only one using the system! Any ideas?? Theres no event
>attached to the Tprovider and TWWQuery on the appserver as well as the
>TClientdataset on the client.
>I even backup and restore the database to see if it will fix it, but it
>still the same.

It's not a database problem, it's in your application. The TClientDataset
removes your dataset from transaction control. Meanwhile, your TwwQuery
has signalled (by a post call, possibly using a set pkfield=pkfield to
secure a pessimistic lock) that it is editing one of the rows that are
sequestered in your client dataset's cache.

All is well until your clientdataset decides it wants to update its
rows. When it tries, of course it can't, because the infopower query -
specifically, the transaction it is appropriated to -- has a lock on one of
the rows. The message should more accurately say "Record Changed by
another Transaction" but user/connection/transaction are all one and the
same with BDE data access programming.

To look for a solution, take your problem to the Midas newsgroup on the
Borland forum. This one is a FAQ, for sure. It's not a database problem
though, which is what this list is for.


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