Subject Re: [ib-support] List index out of bounds
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:56 AM 08-04-02 +0530, Nataraj S Narayanan wrote:

>I get the 'List Index out of bounds' message when generating reports
>(Report Smith with Delphi), and the report freaks out.
>Is this due to Bde or Local Interbase 4 that is being
>used with a 16 bit Application ? I get this error usually when the gdb
>file is big ( > 50 Mb) . Sometimes it vanishes when using IB 4 server in
>the background and using Alias as
>'localhost:c:\neethims\data\Medical.gdb' instead of plain

That error is a Delphi error - it is being caused by something in your
Delphi code. This support list is for Firebird and InterBase.

The Borland newsgroup server has several forums for Delphi. Go to
news:// and pick a suitable one for your Delphi 1 problem.


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