Subject Re: [ib-support] Is this worth to suggest?
Author Daniel Rail
At 07/04/2002 08:16 AM, you wrote:
>As I was converting my application to FB1, and I wonder if we could
>suggest a feature to FireBird.
>I often need to place the Inclusion date, the user who included, the last
>update date, and the user
>who made the last update into some key structures of the database.
>Well, I am doing this today using triggers. I was hoping to have a
>"declarative" way of doing that.
>For example, the 'INSERT' part can be handled using the DEFAULT keyword
>when declaring the field.
>How about a keyword to update a field when the record is updated for example:
>create table Employee(
> EmployeeID integer primary key,
> DateInsert date default current_date,
> UserInsert varchar(20) default username,
> Address varchar(60),
> Phone varchar(22),
> LastUpdate date when update default current_timestamp,
> UserUpdate varchar(20) when update default username
>When the a new record is posted DateInsert, UserInsertm LastUpdate,
>UserUpdate would be updated.
>After that only LastUpdate and userUpdate would be updated.
>Is this worth a suggestion to FB?

DEFAULT constraints already exists to put default values in fields upon
creation. And, for updating a field AFTER UPDATE, use a trigger. I don't
see the reason why you need the update constraint, when triggers exists to
perform the same task.

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