Subject Re: [ib-support] REPOST: Problems connecting using FB gds32.dll
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:54 PM 06-04-02 -0400, Daniel Rail wrote:
>I just installed FB on my system and now I can't connect to
>another server running IB 6.01. And, I can't connect to my system from
>another system that has FB 0.9.4. These systems cannot be upgraded for
>another 6 months, beyond my control for the moment, and I need this to
>work. Some of my testing involves connecting to the IB 6.01 server from my
>system that has FB, but I cannot perform this since I can't connect.
>Everything was working great until FB 1.0 RC2. It's only since I upgraded
>to FB that my applications are not working.
>And, I can't just switch from the gds32.dll for FB and the one
>from FB 1.0 RC2, since sometimes, I have to connect to both at the same
>time. But, now it's impossible to do that.
>Does anybody have an idea on how I can do this?

You are using IBO, right? There is an IBO solution to this, so I'll
forward a reply to the IBO list (and probably should add it to the IBO faq).


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