Subject Re: [ib-support] ADO.NET with Firebird using UTF-8 (UNICODE)
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""donnylaichifai"" <donny@...> wrote in message
> I am trying to use ADO.NET to connect with Firebird (done) and using
> the UTF-8 as the character set in ASP.NET pages. I cannot config
> Firebird so that it can store and retrieve UNICODE data. I am using
> OLEDB.NET's Oledb driver for firebird. Do you have information about
> globalization of Firebird?

First, I don't have any #$% who runs To this date, nobody has
approached Firebird saying they are from and are supporting FB, so
there's no official knowledge about that driver.

> Do you have any information of how to enable Firebird to store and
> retrieve UNICODE data? Should we define the CharType when create the
> database or Set it as default and define Columns as UNICODE-FSS when
> creating tables? I tried both. But failed. Do you have any document
> about this issue?

You simply should connect with the same charset than your fields use. It
doesn't matter if you define a globa charset in the db and let all fields
take that charset by default or you go to the pain of defining the charset
individually for each field.I don't have idea how you set the charset at
connection time with that driver.

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