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> We are very happy with Interbase but, we have some clients who have
> SQL Server as their corporate database and would like our application
> to use SQL Server.
> How much of a learning curve is there to move from Interbase to SQL
> Server?
> Does anyone have experience with connecting to a SQL Server database
> via the BDE? What other connection options are there?
> Todd

Connection : BDE is a thing of the past. Even Borland is trying to
move away from it with dbExpress. Also have a look at

Learning curve:
function are different (e.g. Datepart vs Extract for dates, getdate()
vs Cast ('TODAY' as date), date fields are datetime

Stored procedures: there is no concept of SUSPEND, so you cannot use
an SP in a select if you need to, you will then have to create
temporary tables to mimic this behaviour.

Triggers : no choice before or after, I believe it's always after (but
could be corrected here), they run only once per batch if you do a
batch update of a table for example

Table joins : if you've used the JOIN syntax instead of where
Table.fieldname = table.fieldname syntax, you'll be safe, otherwise MS
rekons that they do not guarantee the same results between the 2
syntaxes. (since 6.5)

Autoincrement fields: FB/IB uses generators (like Oracle) MS uses a
datatype. in 6.5 & 7 you could sometimes have to apply a repair of the
database if the autoincrement counter got somehow corrupted.

SQlserver allowed testing the value NULL using either field = Null or
field is NULL, Version 7 still allows that but the first syntax does
not work anymore (at all)

Another are to look at is the security model: MS is pushing more and
more towards 'integrated' security is the NT logon is the Sql server
user name & password. (MSSQL 2000 does not have the SQL server-only
model) This is somewhat different from FB

depending on what you users are running with, there is a large
difference between 6.5 & 7, less between 7 and 2000. Make sure yopu
always run with the latest service packs, and they MUST be in synch
between Sql server and NT. Give a month to a SP before applying it
(chances are there will be an 'a' version of the SP :) ) but then
apply it for both the server and the db server)

last, a personnal opinion, sql server has greatly improved over time
but FB with all it's qualities (and the quality of the development
team behind it) is still much better. I am converting more & more
SQLserver users to FB. This takes time, and needs convincing but can
be done.

May be a bridge between the two would be a good idea ?

Hope the above helped a little