Subject Re: [ib-support] INTERBASE to SQL SERVER
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/04/2002 07:00 PM, you wrote:
>We are very happy with Interbase but, we have some clients who have
>SQL Server as their corporate database and would like our application
>to use SQL Server.
>How much of a learning curve is there to move from Interbase to SQL

For starters, get a good book (i.e. "SQL Server 7 Developer's Guide, by
Otey & Conte"). Also, the triggers don't work the same way, I know with
SQL Server 7 and earlier, you don't have BEFORE and AFTER triggers, but
just triggers(i.e. ON INSERT, ON UPDATE, ON DELETE). The Views are pretty
much the same. The stored procedures, also, are pretty much the same with
some added functions and internal stored procedures.

A good book, the MS SQL help and MSDN( are good starting
points to gather information.

>Does anyone have experience with connecting to a SQL Server database
>via the BDE?

Take a another type of connection instead.

> What other connection options are there?

Direct API suites, ODBC, ADO(this is what I use) and dbExpress(Delphi
6). For ADO, you'll need the Delphi Enterprise versions or get an ADO
component suite that is available on Torry's Page( You can
also find some direct connection components on Torry's Page as well.

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