Subject RE: [ib-support] Extracting Table Creation declarations
Author Martijn Tonies

>(Really , I'm feeling that I'm monopolizing your time today...)

No worries ... my boss isn't looking :)

>Of course , i did pass throgth the IB documentation to peek the system
>tables , and now , i have a tool that extract and compares Stored
>, Triggers and name tables. Indeed , i could "reconstruct" the
>from the data i can gather from the RDB$RELATIONS & friends. What i was
>asking (And now , i see there is not) was if there is some blob field
>store the actual table definition ,

That would be nice, wouldn't it :) :) It surely would have spared me a
of headaches...

>Well.. seems there is time to get the hands dirty of bits and work some
>constructor from the data i have by now..
>The point you had made about documentation errors had me scared to the
>n-point .... i'll scan more carefully now. Many many thanks.

Don't worry too much about it -- it's mostly small stuff like unknown
fields and values, inconsistencies or missing types. Several people on
this list can assist you with it if you have troubles getting what you
want :)

Martijn Tonies
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