Subject Re: [ib-support] Design question
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
No Reggie, we don't disagree! If companies may have more than one address
of interest (I don't know any of Nico's customers), of course it should be
in a separate table.

I was just trying to say that if this wasn't the case and that every
customer had one and only one interesting address (and an address which
typically wasn't shared with other customers), then I saw no need for a
separate CUST_DELIV table.

I completely agree with everything you wrote,

>I disagree, you should separate the data to a CUST_DELIV Table.
>Each customer could have more than 1 delivery location.
>You should think of your tables as single entities.
>Your Customer table should ONLY have information that pertains to a single
>Customer (i.e. what makes up a Customer).
>Just my 20000 * 10^-6 cents.