Subject Re: Design question
Author ibfa2000
I would not split infos into many tables, as long as you do not have
thousands of fields.

By the way, avoid doing SELECT * , unless you really want all the
fields to be returned. You'd better only select the field you want
into your SELECT statement (=> speed increased).

If you want things to be logically seperated, the better way to go is
to create VIEWs.


--- In ib-support@y..., "Nico Callewaert" <ncw@t...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering already long time what is the best aproach.
Most of the
> time a table starts with a limited number of fields. Then user A
wants to
> have additional info, then user B pops up with some other fields,
and if you
> always add those fields in the same table , after a few months it
looks like
> a mess. Sometimes you start with 20 fields and before you know,
you have a
> table with 60 fields. I don't feel so good about this. For
example I
> have a customer table, with already 50 fields. Everything is in
one table.
> Now the question is, should I split up fields in seperated
tables ? For
> example, in my CUST table, there are 8 fields to hold delivery
> should I split up that information in a CUST_DELIV table ? I just
> about those things, because I like "clean" work.
> Any good :-)))) ideas are welcome,
> Many thanks in advance,
> Nico Callewaert