Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Strange query results, based on where clause
Author Woody
From: "alex_vnru" <ded@...>
> Woody, experience and professional logic says to me the same. And
> personally I never use different types in one expression without
> explicit casting, even if tool allow it. But don't forget about
> thousands of existing applications, which will be chopped off
> possibility to migrate to FB. Some wrong behavior is like a heavy
> trunk - difficult to carry but pitifully to throw out. I, for example,
> at some point stopped to follow up IBX because it's progress way is
> too careless about such a things, I can't revisit all my modules after
> each release of the new version. Perhaps the best is leave it as it is
> now but emphasise it in documentation. Maybe different behavior in
> dialects, as it was made with ambiguity.

Anyone with existing applications can use the existing version(s) of FB or
IB. That way they could still use that logic if necessary. But, if you are
in there porting an application to another platform anyway, a little extra
time to correct some logic errors that "squeak" by could be greatly
beneficial in the long run. I, too, get frustrated when I have to redo some
code because the next version of Delphi won't let me do something I've been
doing for years, but I have to look at the reason for it. If it's simply a
semantic reason, there is some justification for opposition, but, if it
cures a flaw, I think it should be done. That's just my opinion, though.

As for IBX, I have yet to have any problems with it, even upgrading so I
don't know how to respond there.

Woody (TMW)