Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Crossed signals?
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
I'm not sure this is the version of the BDE, mine says 4.0 in the init, but
I'm sure it is 5.01 I actually have.

How does your system allocate PK's on inserts?

> Pretty sure. All of my developemnt machines have BCB4, and on all of
them, if I go
> into the BDE Administrator, and go to
Configuration->System->Init->Version, it says
> "4". So, the question is: Is this a problem? If so, is it possible for
my clients
> to get an updated copy of the BDE w/ SQL Links, without me having to buy
> Borland Enterprise product?
> Another strange symptom that sometimes happens: Before doing the
Append(), my app
> will do a query to see if that key already exists. If not, it proceeds as
> But sometimes, the Post() will fail with a key violation, even though the
> query said the key wasn't there. The two people are working on completely
> inventory items, so it's not a case of person 2 slipping in the record
between the
> query and the append.