Subject Re: OT :: Archive topped 11000 messages
Author csswa
... which may require IB-support to split in two to better handle the
traffic? Sometimes I wonder how some of the regulars here (Ann,
Claudio and Helen spring to mind immediately) manage to provide this
constant flow of online support and still get the food-on-the-table
work done. As traffic escalates, this may become more of an issue,
especially if the experienced members get to the point where they no
longer have time to skim all posts and reply to those of interest.
Growth itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, but poorly managed
growth is.

It's interesting to look ahead and consider what the list would be
like if it was ticking over at 1500–2000 messages per month (50–60
per day).

Sounds like a good basis for a betting pool.

Andrew Ferguson

--- In ib-support@y..., lester@l... wrote:
> real messages are equally crap, but topping 1200 messages a
> month is not bad going <g>. Is the next target 1500 per
> month ?
> Lester Caine