Subject Re: [ib-support] Timestamp
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""BSC"" <bsci@...> wrote in message
> When I select Timestamp columns(from IBConsole or Quickdesk) I don't get
any of the millisecond (4 digits beyond the seconds) precision back. I
would like to use QuickDesk to generate Insert statements for these tables
so that I can repopulate them after I recreate the database. However it
appears that I will lose some of the information from these timestamp

Just tell the QuickDesk mantainers and the IBConsole maintainers to apply a
bit better and do a better service to their users. The information is there.
It doesn't take a PhD. in computer science to extract it.

> Is there a way to retrieve this level of precision? Is there a better way
to backup the data before dropping the tables?

I imagine you can't use gbak because you want to change the data structure.
Otherwise, I'm not sure why you want to use a text file instead of gbak's

You can try the humble and overlooked isql, the command line tool, not the
#$%&^ thing that comes inside IBConsole.

IBConsole's isql:
select getexacttimestamp() from rdb$database
=> 31-03-2002 4:25:27

Standalone, command-line isql:
SQL> select getexacttimestamp() from rdb$database;
2002-03-31 04:24:37.8580

You can see the difference. This example shows that the information is
available from tables, too:

SQL> show table ttime;
SQL> select * from ttime;
SQL> insert into ttime values(getexacttimestamp());
SQL> select * from ttime;

2002-03-31 04:39:53.6050

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