Subject Re: sweep rule of thumb timings
Author csswa
--- In ib-support@y..., "alex_vnru" <ded@h...> wrote:
> degree than to file size. My 2.7Gb database which is modified by 20
> users daily mainly by inserts and updates of non-indexed
> (I have no idea what is transactions gap at sweep start but it
> be very little) is sweeped nightly by cron and elapsed time is 1.5 -
> minutes. Of course we have different hardware (2Xeon 933, RAID 5)
> (Linux) and FB (Classic) but IMHO it shouldn't be of very high

Thanks for the comparison info, Alexander. Yes, I realise there are
many variables affecting sweep time, but it did seem odd for my test
to take 16 min on a 'clean' db. That you have a db 20 times bigger
and far more garbage to be collected than my example -- and it takes
just 2 minutes ??! I had forced writes OFF so that couldn't be a
factor. In your opinion, do you feel that the huge difference in
sweep performance between these two examples can be attributed to the
linux vs NT and RAID/2Xeon vs my less powerful system (Duron 850, 512
ram, Quantum Fireball 20 gig, fb1 superserver)?

Andrew Ferguson