Subject Re: Is Firebird a good idea for Upsizing a MS Access database?
Author Aage Johansen
Andrew Rogers wrote:
> I have a very large MS Access Database system (lots of tables
> that aren't too big) broken into multiple front end and backend MDBs.
> Eventually Access is not going to perform satisfactorily so I need
> to upsize.
> I only want to maintain one front end system (Access or VB probably)
> which can attach to two backend systems: 1. Access MDBs (they work
> great for our smaller clients) and 2. Firebird (or some other SQL server)

There is really no reason why you should not use Firebird for the smaller
clients as well. And, you will only have one backend system to worry about.

> Is this realistic? Should I be looking at another SQL server
> (MS SQL, PostgreSQL etc)? Does the ODBC driver perform well with
> Access/VB? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Since I don't use Access or VB or ODBC myself I shouldn't try to answer!
It seems that the ODBC driver from Easysoft works well, probably also for

Aage J.