Subject Re: [ib-support] Japanese table names
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:18 AM 28-03-02 -0800, Satya wrote:

>How can I create tables with Japanese names (using japanaese characters) ?
>The column names should be in Japanese too.
>I could only insert japanese data in english named tables.

As I already explained to you in private email, metadata identifiers are
restricted to the first 127 characters of the ASCII character set
(actually, I think I said 128, but it refuses ascii 128 as being in the
wrong character set.

These are not "english names", they are unaccented, single-byte,
lower-order characters, "standard" characters, if you will. You can use
Japanese names, just not Japanese character sets, which are higher-order
and multi-byte. OKINAWA, for example, is a perfectly acceptable identifier.

With the advent of quoted identifiers, you can even define this horrible table:
create table "{|"(
"%]" integer)

>Is there a Japanese version of Firebird ?

There is no version of Firebird that allows you to use other than the
prescribed characters as identifiers. There are, however, quite a few
Japanese programmers in the Firebird community.


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