Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: UDF Failure
Author Paul Reeves
Dmitry Kuzmenko wrote:

> If expression evaluation in IB/FB can't know size of variable (field) being
> assigned, it must think about 32767, max char types size, and check
> overflow only at assignment point.

I agree - that isn't happening. The test is during the concatenation of
the string variables. However, I'm not sure how we would handle this at
the assignment point.

> > The real
> > > problem is that no check was ever made in the past, so more than a few
> > > people have unknowingly taken advantage of this.
> I double citate your thought that a "few people" used this. Believe me,
> not a few. A LOT OF.

Yes, I should probably stop using understatement - it often gets missed.


Paul Reeves
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