Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Crossed signals?
Author Paul Reeves
> > fwiw, Firebird 1 won't let you have a local connection and a TCP/IP
> > connection simultaneously. If you have a client which acesses the server
> > locally in a TCP/IP network, you *must* use a local loopback connection. A
> > Windows local connection has to have exclusive access.
> Thanks for the heads up. This will break most of my clients' installations
> when they upgrade to 1.0. Ugh.

I just tried connecting locally on Win32 and simultaneously connecting
with localhost and hostname. All three connected. I ran gstat for good
measure. That needs direct file access to read the header pages before
going on to making a connection to the database.

Where does the idea come from that suggests that simultaneous
connections must all be via tcp/ip? (or whatever network protocol is in


Paul Reeves
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