Subject Re: [ib-support] OT: Firebird plus php plus ...
Author Entrebytes S.L.
Hi , Bill.

I infer that you plan to use PHP4 (the support for ib in PHP3 is something
i'm not so sure about using) , and apache as
In the webpage of php ( there are LOTS of pointers , but
regletabily , little ones regarding interbase.

The synectics page has some info , as to begin with , but i encorage you to
see the pages on and . A dammed good article
is at

And , about a builder , i'm fond of PHPEd while working in windows ( ) or just plain old vi under linux.


EntreBytes S.L.
Ontenient , Spain
ERP Development.
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Subject: [ib-support] OT: Firebird plus php plus ...

> Hi,
> Unfortunately up until now, I've only been using Interbase 5.5 on SCO
> on a back end application.
> I now have a chance to build a web application and have jumped at the
> chance to use firebird 1.
> Since I am a newbie I was wandering if people can point me to
> technologies I need to develop an online
> exam. I will be using linux as the db host and php but after that I am
> pretty
> much in the dark ...
> What else do I need? Is there a php builder suitable for firebird?
> thanks
> bill
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