Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] Re: Unsuccessful metatdata update: Index is in use
Author Dieter Tremel
Guten Tag Claudio Valderrama C.,

am Montag, 25. März 2002 um 09:15 schrieben Sie:

CVC> Nothing to say. I've tested all IBs up to IB6.02 and all have the same
CVC> problem, so your statement is plain wrong. Dropping simple FKs, no problem.
CVC> Dropping two FKs on the same table and both FKs having CASCADE operations
CVC> cause the problem in any IB/FB. I've shown the workaround, too.

Please don't be angry. My message was 36 hours before your answer with
the workaround and I do not want to provocate. As I posted this
morning it is not true that IB handles this well, it was my error as I

At the moment I have no trust in the timing of the yahoo groups
posting mechanism.

Thank You
Dieter Tremel

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