Subject Re: [ib-support] src rpm of fb?
Author Tripp Scott
On 24/03/2002 20:23, Pavel Cisar wrote:
>On 23 Mar 2002, at 20:09, Tripp Scott wrote:
> > is there a .src.rpm lying around? i'm having trouble building
> > firebird on linux so i think i'll look into the linux rpm's spec file.
>No, only src .tar.gz is available, but it's buildable without problems
>on Linux. The procedure is very simple. You'll need FB or IB
>installed, then follow the readme. Feel free to ask here if you'll
>encounter any problems (but provide more details about your
>problems :)

hi pavel,

thanks for the response. last time i tried i cannot install the
bootkit. the install doc is specific enough where should i put
the bootkit, or how do i check whether the bootkit has been
properly installed. after that, i gave up momentarily, but later
i found a document on sourceforge on linux installation using
the interbase 6.0 binary. haven't tried it though, but plan to
and report any problems here. i was trying to install on rh 6.2 (glibc 2.1).

btw, are there plans to use GNU autoconf for the building
process? (or is it possible to remove the "bootstrap"
requirement, or hide it from the user--like in perl5
building--so that a user just needs to do the standard
./configure + make + make install steps). i am sure firebird
would benefit _greatly_ if building it from the source is made
to be a more standard and easier process. take mysql for example.

or perhaps all of these are already planned for fb 2.0? which,
in that case, i will shut up :-)