Subject Re: [ib-support] Embedded Firebird
Author Daniel Rail
At 24/03/2002 04:08 PM, you wrote:
>our applications are currently running on PVSW but we are not really happy
>with that 'DBMS'. What do the experts think, is it a reasonable option to
>install a 'local' Firbird, with other words, let the engine run on the same
>Win 9x machine as our application? I know that we should recommend a stable
>server system to our customers (Linux, BSD, whatever), but I guess 50 percent
>of our customers don't have a network and don't want one.

I don't see the reason why not! I run Firebird locally for testing, even
though it's on Win2000, it should work on Win9x as long as the computer has
enough memory to operate efficientlly. One suggestion that I can make is
to place into an INI file the connection settings, so that when your
clients decide to go for a network connection instead of local, it would be
just a matter of changing the INI file to reflect the new settings. This
is how I do it for the applications that I create for my clients.

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