Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Hide triggers and procedures source text
Author Marcos Vinicius
Can I respond to you? Set RDB$TRIGGERS.RDB$TRIGGER_SOURCE and RDB$PROCEDURES.RDB$PROCEDURE_SOURCE to null or '(c) 2002, Duilio Foschi. All rights reserved.' making your source unavailable to others. Of course that you need an script with the sources apart to alter/recreate. After you create an trigger or procedure, FB compile it and creates an BLR, a binary representation and don't need more the sources.


Marcos Vinicius Dufloth
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Subject: [ib-support] Re: Hide triggers and procedures source text

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> We will continue to allow you to delete procedure and trigger
> source


frankly it is a bit early for me to wish to defend my now poor code
from ravenous eyes.

But just out of curiosity, could please expand on the method Marcos
Vinicius hints ?


Duilio Foschi

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