Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Firebird vs. IBConsole
Author Woody
> Woody, is ascertaining of the fact that some software have some bug
> an offence on it's developers? Allowing ambiquity is not feature but
> bug of IB because it can provide wrong result of the query.

But it is not the job of the software to impose the rules it thinks a
database should have. If IB supports ambiguous queries, and you want to
write them, why should the software you use argue? The point is that
IBConsole works within IB's parameters so it is not necessarily a bug in
IBConsole which is what was said. I certainly don't want to start a long
discussion about this, I was merely pointing it out. I do the same on the
other side for FB, etc. so it's not a one-sided problem either. With that
said, Ann is one of the most intelligent posters we have and I would rather
not see any one of us slip into the "blame the other guy" mode. We have
enough problems to solve as it is. <VBG>

Woody (TMW)