Subject Re: UDF blows database
Author mircostange
--- In ib-support@y..., "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@i...> wrote:
> I just talked to Jim about temporary blobs - the space
> they consume is certainly not released until the connection
> ends - possibly not even then. His exact words were
> "Why is he creating a temporary blob? That's a terrible
> idea. How about fopen?"
> A blob filter is an alternative. How many different scales
> are you likely to need?
> Regards,
> Ann

Actually, one scaling would be sufficient. We created the scaling
factor to be able to experiment with different factors (e.g. have a
view to produce thumbnails and another 1:1 pictures).

I will look into BLOB filters as well. Is it ensured that they do not
actually store anything in the database.
The reason for a temp BLOB is simple: the 'vector' (EMF) BLOB takes
up little space (1-2K) while the BMP BLOB make use several MB
depending on scaling and colors. We need the BMP only tempoarirly
(for printing with Crystal Reports), so why waste space to store the