Subject Re: [ib-support] FB 1.0 and GBAK problems
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Daniel Rail" <daniel@...> wrote in message
> At 20/03/2002 11:41 PM, you wrote:
> >It seems like I'm teasing you, but no.
> >You mixed DDL and DML. Usually, tools handle auto-commit DDL and manual
> >commit DML, but this is not mandatory to use separate transactions for
> >and in isql, it's an option. By renaming a field to the original name, I
> >imagine (but I'm not sure) how the disaster happens. You need the
> Just to add to my last reply. I just tried Ann's suggestion, in my
> application, to have additional steps to perform the wanted task and it
> works great and doesn't give any errors. And, I can do the backup.

So, is your case totally repeatable at will with an example table and a few
rows? It seems like a good test case.

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