Subject Re: Sorry, I need Stop IBGUARD from CODE.
Author rodrigueztang

Thanks for response but I'm need know how unload ibguard or ibserver
from code?


José Rodríguez

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> > Hi everyone
> >
> > I'm need replace old Firebird RC2 with New Firebird 1.0 from the
> Wise
> > scripts or Delphi code but IBGUARD is Load in memory?
> >
> > How stop and unload IBGUARD from Delphi or Wise in Win95/98/Me?
> >
> > In WinXP or WinNt is very easy. I'm stop the services but in
> win95/98
> > I don't know.
> On my system, I have an IBGuard icon in the lower right corner of
> the task bar. Right click the icon and select "Shutdown".
> Paul