Subject Re: [ib-support] Adding a default value for a field
Author Stevio
What I was actually hoping for was to alter the table in the Firebird
database so that the Default value property of the field in the database is
set to the appropriate value.

How do I do that? (Looking back my original question wasn't very clear.)


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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Adding a default value for a field

> >How can I specify a default value for a field that
> >already exists in a table ?
> >The field is called IS_DELETED and is specified as
> >follows:
> >I want it to have a default value of F (for false)
> In a delphi App, you can do it in a AfterInsert event
> of the table
> You can also do it in a before insert / before update
> trigger of the table, after checking the value of
> the old value
> Hope it helps
> regards
> Joseph