Subject Re: AW: AW: [ib-support] Problems with gbak
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 04:57 PM 3/21/2002 +0100, Henner Kollmann wrote:

> >
> > In the process of garbage collecting, it's looking at an old
> > record version that uses an out-of-date format that was
> > corrupted in some way.
> >
>Is that the reason while the engine hangs?

No, sorry, I confused your message with a different gbak problem.
The engine hanging is very odd. From what you say, it's probably
in a hard loop and that's something I'd like to understand better.
I'll be glad to help you debug the problem. What might make sense
is to get the server running under a debugger and let it get into
that state. The code around there should be very interesting as
will tracebacks.


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