Subject Re: [ib-support] Problems with gbak
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Henner Kollmann"" <Henner.Kollmann@...> wrote in message
> request = NULL;
> blr_length = blr - blr_buffer;
> if (isc_compile_request (status_vector,
> GDS_REF (tdgbl->db_handle),
> GDS_REF (request),
> blr_length,
> GDS_VAL (blr_buffer)))

In other places, you don't use blr_buffer. There's a GDML command that
translated by GPRE into BLR. But here, due to the goal that needs to be
achieved, the binary commands are assembled directly by gbak.

> > Watch this chunk, what's the value of offset? And length?
> record_length = 46;
> length = 48;

Nothing special. The code in that function found that it needed an alignment
for some field and this raised the length from 46 to 48.
> >
> Make the copy, drop all other tables. Problem is repeatable.
> No other idea than to debug the engine?

Not for now. We need to know why the engine itself is apparently stuck.

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