Subject Re: [ib-support] FB 1.0 and GBAK problems
Author Lista de Discução Interbase
I have seem a lot of problems when restoring a backup.

I have imported and DBF database with more than 8 million rows distributed
over 10 tables but 7.8 milion is on 3 tables.

I create other tables and code a "customer prospect system" to my own use.
This GDB is on my Desktop machine since I am importing from DBF I think
that inserting and reformating the data that generates "SQL insert's" for
every row in DBF will be faster on my own machine and do not flood my network.

Once completed, I use it for some months (I work on it only on my spare
time, wich is very very small) on my machine during the software
development time (create other tables, views, FK's, UK's, etc).

Then in a nice day I need to install Oracle 8i on my machine, I don't have
enough space, so I deciced to put this database (1.5GB) on the server.

So I do a transportable gbak, zip the file copy to the server, delete the
gdb (I know, I know, I never should delete the gdb without restoring the
gbk), but I don't have time to restore the gbk and do not want to put my
server on knees doing it in the work time.

In the night, before going home, I put Interbase to work on restore the
gbk, in the next morning (I hope you could guess what happens), when
creating the secondary indexes, FK's, or unique indexes (I can't remeber
now) I got problems that says "could not create FK because parent key does
not exists", or "could not create UK because you idiot put duplicate values
on fields" (what should not happens, but the database that I imported the
data is VERY "buggy" <- is this correct ?).

It's some months ago, I don't know if all my data was restored, I try to
create some FK's and had problems (I will tell you what exactly happens,
but it's not URGENT, so I let it sleeping for some time).

This post is to ask if there are any plans (or an easy way) to make gbak
more relaxed on restoring the backup, I remember read something about it in
this list and I read it on the "firebird wishlist", but there are no plans
(I know guys you have working hard on it, congratulations) to make it avaiable.

Now if it's encounters an errors it stops, I think if gbak could not create
a unique key because it's duplicate it could only generate an error
(message) and try to continue to restore the rest of GBK will be very helpfull.

Sorry for the long post, but I see some people with the same problem, is
this hard to do ? Can I, a complete "C" analphabet, look into the source
and put a // on the "break" after the error ? Sorry if I am too simplistic
(?) I have never looked at the FB source code and even don't know if I am
able to compile it (I think I can't ;-) ).

By the way, I think you have read it a dozens of times, but I think you

see you

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda.
Santo Andre - SP - Brazil