Subject Re: [ib-support] Count value on field
Author Bayu
> Quite simply, it makes no sense to created a computed column that performs
> a calculation on nullable columns, *unless* you want the computed to
> to be null if any of its elements is null. You will need to make these
> columns not null and default them to zero, i.e. 0.00. If you want to keep
> your domain as nullable, then apply the DEFAULT constraint at column level
> or, better, do it with triggers (BI and BU) and enforce it with a CHECK
> constraint.
> cheers,
> H.

Ok, i will try the domain with this values


The actual table is file with about 10 fields with this domain.

The problem is on end user app interface.

I use iboquery -> datasource -> wwDBEdit (from InfoPower)

With default 0.00, the app will not permitted null values ( blank value ) on
this dbEdit with error message
validation error for column D_IMIP value ***null***

Using ib_query -> datasource -> ib_edit ( Native IBO ) give the same error
while trying to "post" record
if the ib_edit not fill with some values

I think not wise solution if the app force user to fill all of field with 0,
instead leaving this value to null.