Subject Re: [ib-support] Interchanging file between Linux Windows and IB6 FB1
Author Entrebytes S.L.
It Depends. The Question is malformed.

If you are using the linux box merely as a Samba server to share files ,
then it would be safe to move the file.
If you are planning to move from a windows database server to a linux
database server , moving the database along , it would be advisable to
gbak'n'restore the database using the -T flag (T stands for Transportable).
Finally , if you want to make a dry run , setting up a linux box as a
database server , but the database file still in the NT box , you can do it
without any problem over TCP/IP.

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> >Hi
> >I just want to know I have a IB6 database on a NT4 server. Would it be
> >to merely copy the whole database(unconnected and servers stopped) to the
> >Linuxbox and then access it with FB1. Both still use the same ODS so I
> >assume it would be save. I dont want to make assumptions thats why I am
> >asking. Should I rather move the datbase with something like gbak?
> If you are changing platforms then you MUST use GBAK, using the
> -transportable switch. Windows and Linux have totally different
> filesystems, so Linux won't be able to read a Windows file.
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