Subject Re: [ib-support] High CPU usage AFTER bulk insert completed
Author Kenneth

This is getting interesting :-)

I tried with forced writes=true, and still get the same results.
I did 2000 item inserts, and after that processor usage lingers at 100% for
about 25 seconds.
This on a Athlon 900MHz system with 384MB RAM.

Insertion too, was a bit slow. (somewhere about 50 items per second).

Btw, not sure if this info is useful, but my code code creates a prepared
everytime i perform the insertion. (This limitation is unfortunately, due to
the fact the
Type4 FB JDBC driver doesn't support reusing a statement after commits)
Just wondering if this has something to do with some internal memory
But then again, it's just 2000 prepared statements. It can't possibly take
25 seconds to
free them all right?


"Helen Borrie" <helebor@...> wrote in message
> At 06:57 PM 19-03-02 +0800, you wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >After my application is done performing roughly 3000 inserts into a
> >ibserver.exe seems to be hogging the processor power for about 30
> >Hard disk access is minimal.
> >
> >I'm just curious what IB is doing, as I don't notice this kind of
> >in other databases that I've worked with before.
> >
> >Have I missed some configuration settings or something?
> >
> >The table consists of several columns of short BLOBs. (about 4 or so,
> >having
> >a length of less than 200 bytes), and 4 indices (including PK).
> >
> >Machine spec:
> >Win2k,
> >Forced Writes=false <---------
> 30 seconds sounds like a reasonable time to hog the CPU while committing
> 12,000 blobs to the disk cache...2.5 millisecs per blob.
> H.
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