Subject Re: [ib-support] FB Contorl with change rootdir ready
Author Jill Thomson
At 04:36 17/03/02 +0100, Gerhard wrote:
>i have added the function: change rootdirectory ....
>and fixed the problem with blanks in filenames and instsvc ....
>i also update (or add) the gloabals path variable to the new directories after
>changing the rootdir (rootdir and binarydir) ....

Some feedback from a Win98 user (endangered species?)

On machine 1, running IB Guardian and IB 6.01, and

on machine 2, running IB Guardian and FB RC2, clicking on OK produces

'Cannot load library "radmin32.dll" or linked libraries'

Cursor then turns into a ghostly phoenix (while over the applet) and it is
difficult to apply this correctly to the close button - I think its beak is
the critical point.

The dll is not present on either computer - is it part of NT and its

Peter Lawson