Subject RE: [ib-support] Problems with gbak
Author Tony Mays
Had this happen in our lab the other day. Decided to click on the window
and that seemed to wake it back up. It appears that a thread may be getting
hung up somewhere and not finishing. Just a thought.

tony mays

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From: Henner Kollmann [mailto:Henner.Kollmann@...]
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 1:12 AM
Subject: [ib-support] Problems with gbak


Have a database with a large table (4.500.000 records). Try to backup
the database.
Gbak starts to backup and than hangs while backing up this large table.
Nothing happens - no record count.
Ibserver is working for hours, but nothing happens.

I am using fb 1.0 build 794 under Win2K.

Any idea?

Thanks for your help.
Henner Kollmann
Aucos GmbH

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