Subject Re: Connection error
Author i5cvalde
--- In ib-support@y..., "Dominik Murk" <milenij@c...> wrote:
> So, problem is not local path for database (becouse I don't use
local path
> and I cant't connect to any database), problem is probably
> gds32.dll in memory (or something like that). Any idea how to deal
with this
> (except restarting server, it's 24x7 server) ?

I'm going to use the Yahoogroups inline Reply facility (when you are
logged in), so I don't know if this is going to be converted to HTML.

I already said this is a Windows issue. Nothing you can do about it
directly. Maybe you could try to unload the dll, there're some
programs for this.
The problem is simple to solve: why are you running a local
application inside a server that's meant to be 24x7? Nobody that has
passed a sanity check would touch such sensitive server. I don't know
why you would use an application that tends to crash directly in the
db server machine. It doesn't make sense for me.